Paata Amonashvili’s humane education: seminar at Ayb School

All parents dream of raising their children as happy, successful and balanced personalities. Where do you see your children in some 20 or 30 years? When your kids grow up, it becomes impossible to control, lead and nurse them. We can only watch the seeds of love and care we once sowed blossom into flowers.

We all follow the behavior pattern that were borrowed from our parents, kinship, teachers and friends, and now our task, as adults, is to instill human values in our own children.

On February 8, Ayb school will host “Humane education: how to raise happy, balanced and successful children” seminar by doctor of psychology, sociologist and author Paata Amonashvili. It will be a real lesson of wisdom that will carry you into the exciting world of creative education and offer valuable advice on upbringing.

Engaged in large-scale educational activity, Dr. Amonashvili offers counselling, seminars and trainings for teachers and parents held sometimes jointly with Shalva Amonashvili, his father and well known Georgian psychologist. The events are attended by about 6000 people annually. Paata Amonashvili is also the President of the International Center for Humane Education, the Knight of Humane Education and the head of Tbilisi-based Basti Bubu child development center.

To take part in the seminar, please register.

Seminar language: Russian.


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