Swedish ambassador visits Ayb School

Sweden’s Ambassador to Armenia, Patrik Svensson, visited Ayb School to learn about its educational environment and opportunities and communicate with students and the school management.

While touring the school, the ambassador was briefed on the educational programs implemented in subject laboratories. He was also provided with information regarding the project-based learning clubs' completed and ongoing projects, which proved successful on various international platforms. The Ambassador showed keen interest in children’s achievements, particularly in the creations of the Visual Arts club members, as well as robots and other technologies created by the students in the fab lab in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which are of great social and security significance outside the school.Ayb High School students who study the internationally recognized Araratian Baccalaureate (AB) program had the opportunity to ask the Ambassador questions about professional orientation, the Swedish educational system, diplomacy, and peculiarities of political career.

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