Ayb School Selects Principal: applications are accepted until April 20

Ayb School is looking for candidates for the position of the Executive Director, the highest executive position in the organization directly reporting to the school’s Board of Trustees.

Required information for the Executive Director candidates is provided in these documents:

The current deadline for the applications from candidates is April 20, 2020. If you are interested in working with Ayb School, you can send your CV to [email protected] mentioning the job title, as well as your name and surname as the subject line.

The long list of candidates, who will be interviewed either online or in person by the Selection Committee members that will be formed after the application deadline. Based on the interviews, a short list of candidates will be created and requested to arrive to Yerevan, Armenia for in-person meetings and interviews. Based on the outcomes of those meetings, the final candidate will be selected and announced. It is expected that the final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees by May 22, 2020.

The search for the new Executive Director is delegated by the Board of Trustees to the Executive Director Selection Committee. The Selection Committee may at any time decide to stop the collection of applications, review deadlines, or contract a search firm to handle the search in cooperation with the Selection Committee. If such a firm is involved, all applications that have been received by the Committee prior to that may be handed over to the firm for further processing.

About Ayb School

Ayb School is a charity organization that operates since 2011 and plays an important role in the Armenian educational system. The objective of Ayb School is to become a model of the 21st century Armenian educational institution. The school’s mission is to raise future leaders of literate, honest, and responsible students who are proud of their heritage and identity. The school’s teaching philosophy is based on Ayb School’s 8 principles that shape and define our learners. The school prides itself in providing a positive learning environment where its community of students, teachers, staff, alumni, and parents may thrive. Ayb School serves as an ingenious laboratory where innovative teaching technologies, methods, experiences, and educational models are created. The school’s intention is to spread these innovations through the nation’s educational system, elevating the Armenian educational system to a highly competitive and global standard.

Ayb School’s campus is situated on 6.95 hectares of land in Yerevan’s Arabkir administrative district. The Elementary, Middle, and High Schools are divided into 3 separate buildings covering an area of 7000 m² and offering modern educational facilities that promote learning. Ayb School’s average student enrollment is a little less than 500 students with a staff of over 160. The School is governed by the Board of Trustees; it has no owners or shareholders. Being the first social project in Armenia’s non-governmental sector, Ayb High School is an institution where over 70% of students receive scholarships (tuition fee reimbursement) every year.


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