Ayb School welcomes 5 MIT students as part of Global Teaching Labs program

Ayb School has welcomed five students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of Global Teaching Labs program. The students will stay in Armenia for a month with Ayb host families.

They will teach mathematics, physics, and informatics at Ayb High School, specifically in grades 11 and 12. During the “Happy Hours”, they will help Ayb students prepare for Olympiads. MIT first-year students will also hold meetings with Ayb students and graduates to discuss career orientation and university admission issues.

The MIT students will be mentored by Ayb School teachers: Alexan Mkhitaryan (mathematics), Naira Arshakyan (physics), Hrayr Ohanyan (physics), Arzuman Aboyan (informatics), Martin Mikayelyan (informatics).

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one the world’s most reputable technological educational institutions. Its Global Teaching Labs (GTL) program recruits top MIT students who want to participate in the Institute’s experiential approach to learning. GTL challenges students to learn by teaching—synthesizing and presenting their knowledge, working in teams, and communicating with peers from different cultural backgrounds.


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