Ayb School Presented at International Forum in Austria

Ayb EducationalFoundation’s two education initiatives, Ayb School and Araratian Baccalaureate, have been presented at the Annual Forum of the Council of International Schools (CIS Forum) held in Austria.

On November 8-9, Students' Professional Orientation Specialist of Ayb School Ruzanna Mayilyan took part in the Annual Forum of the Council of International Schools held in Vienna, Austria.

The Council of International Schools is a membership community whose vision is to inspire the development of global citizens through high quality international education.

This year more than 800 international schools and universities from 80 countries (Switzerland, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, USA, Japan, etc.) took part in the forum becoming the largest in its history.

“The forum grants a chance for direct collaboration with universities and schools, fosters the process of recognition and being recognizable, presents an excellent opportunity for networking with top universities and schools around the world,” says Ruzanna Mayilyan.

This year’s program offered over 40 sessions covering a broad spectrum of international admission and guidance topics. Within the framework of the forum, university and school fairs were also organized. Ruzanna Mayilyan took part in the school fair where she presented the Ayb Educational Foundation’s two education initiatives, Ayb School and the education program taught in the school, the Araratian Baccalaureate, which has been developed in Armenia and is recognized internationally.

According to Ruzanna Mayilyan, Armenia first took part in the forum in 2017 (the forum was held in Edinburg, UK) and their participation has raised awareness of Ayb School among the international audience, has made the Araratian Baccalaureate more recognizable on the international arena and has fostered the program’s acceptance and recognition by reputable universities.

“Overall, thanks to the our first participation in the forum as well as the recognition efforts that followed, the program has been accepted and recognized by 39 universities, including Cambridge and the University College London (UCL). We believe that this year’s participation will also yield tangible results,” she says.

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