Ayb School team wins Diamond Challenge Armenia competition

The AybPlast project of the Green Chemistry Club of Ayb School won the Diamond Challenge Armenia competition in an attempt to obtain a bioplastic using natural raw materials.

Our students received a $1,000 award and qualified for the World Championship that will take place at the University of Delaware, United States, in April.

Using their knowledge of chemistry, AybPlast seeks to obtain environmentally friendly substitutes for environmentally hazardous substances. After conducting research, the students proposed a biodegradable plastic that is based on thermoplastic starch instead of oil-based plastic materials.

Project-based learning is an innovative educational model adopted by Ayb School. It builds the learning process around projects. This educational model enables students to set up teams and carry out large-scale and long-term projects to address actual community issues and challenges. It fosters important skills like teamwork, business thinking, responsibility, work planning and distribution, time management, prioritization and many more.

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