Meeting with Minerva Schools at KGI representative

Ayb High School students held an online meeting with a representative of San Francisco-based Minerva Schools at KGI, the university program that offers bachelor degree in natural sciences and humanities in collaboration with one of the most innovative graduate institutions in the world - KGI -and attracts a lot of international students.

The discussion focused on the admission procedures, tuition fee, scholarships and student accommodation.

Before being admitted, the potential students are asked what they are going to do to make this world better. During the years spent with Minerva Schools at KGI they get practical knowledge and skills that will open a lot of doors in the future and help find solutions to many problems. Out-of-class activities are also important. Some subject groups include psychology, reasoning and emotions-related studies.

There are no admission or mid-term tests: the students get tasks and undertake volunteer activities that should be proformed in a creative and innovative way. During four years, the students travel to seven cities, including London, Berlin, Seoul and others.

The education the students get can easily allow them to be hired by world giants such as Google and Microsoft.

The meeting helped gain an overview of the programs which are really extraordinary and innovative.

Anna Mkhitaryan, 10th grade


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