• 2013 Graduates

    The 17 graduates of the Ayb High School in 2013 were successfully admitted to various universities

  • Summer School

    Since 2013 summer our School is carrying out our Summer Program.

  • Student Projects

    Studying is good and all, but Ayb students cannot rest with theoretical knowledge alone. We look forward to putting into action our newly acquired knowledge and skills ...

  • Our Principles

    The wholeness of learning
    Learning in depth
    Creative activity
    The art of work
    Social responsibility

  • Dilijan Central School

    On September 23, the Dilijan Central School joined Ayb's family of Schools.

  • Admission to Ayb Middle School

    Get acquainted with the details of admission on our site.

  • Education & Career EXPO 2014

    On April 16-18 we invite you to visit our exhibition booth at the "Yerevan EXPO" exhibition complex at 3 H. Hakobyan str. (on the territory of Mergelyan Institute).